A brother of the Marseille killer arrested in Italy

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – BERTRAND LANGLOIS – | A white tent was erected on the forecourt of the Saint Charles station in Marseille on October 1, 2017, to allow the investigators to work

A brother of Ahmed Hanachi, the Tunisian national who killed two young cousins ​​in Marseille (southern France) a week ago, was arrested in Italy, Italian media reported on Sunday.

The man was arrested in Ferrara, northern Italy, following an international arrest warrant issued by the French authorities.

According to the newspaper sites Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, the arrested man would be Anis Hanachi. The two newspapers said the man was reportedly arrested on Saturday afternoon.

The police, questioned by AFP, has neither confirmed nor denied the information immediately.

Ahmed Hanachi, the 29-year-old Tunisian who killed two young women on Sunday at the Gare Saint-Charles in Marseille before being shot dead by the police, spent several years in Aprilia, south of Rome.

“He married Aprilia with an Italian woman in 2008, was registered as a resident between March 2010 and May 2017, and was arrested twice for a drug case and another robbery,” he said on Wednesday. the AFP a representative of the town hall.

“He was subsequently removed from the communal lists because he had not renewed his residence certificate, but we know that he has not lived in the commune since 2015,” he added.

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