Swimming: Bonnet impresses, record of France in 100m in small pool

Ⓒ AFP – PASCAL GUYOT – | Victory and France record for Charlotte Bonnet, during the first day of the French Short Course Championships in Montpellier

Charlotte Bonnet impressed strongly for the first day of the French Short Course Championships, winning two titles and especially the French record of the 100m freestyle, improving the mark of Camille Muffat, Thursday in Montpellier.

Swimming the four lengths of 25m in 52 sec 04, Bonnet broke by 37 / 100e the former best mark (52.41), which Muffat had established in December 2010 in Dubai, for a fourth place at the Worlds.

She is one and a half behind the world record of Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström (50.58) set in August 2017.

– ‘A beautiful battle’ –

“I’m really happy, there was a great battle with Marie (Wattel, 2nd in the race in 52.56) and I was pushed into my entrenchments,” commented Bonnet at the micro BeIN Sports after his race.

Ⓒ AFP – PASCAL GUYOT – | Charlotte Bonnet, also victorious on 50 m breaststroke, November 30, 2017 in Montpellier at the French Championships in the small pool

Her day ended with two titles and as many French records as she improved by 4 / 10th her own mark on 50m breaststroke in 30sec.

“The most complicated records are coming, but why not look for more,” she warned.

Jérémy Stravius ​​also finished this first day with two French championship titles, in the 100m medley and especially the 100m butterfly where he scored a very good 50.17, 13 / 100th of his four-year old French record.

“I have the goal to go under the 50, to be the first French to do it, I’m at my best on this event and that confirms me in the choice of lining up on this distance at the European Championships in Copenhagen, “said Stravius ​​at the beIN Sports mic.

Jordan Pothain reassured him by swimming the 400m freestyle in 3:40:38, “in the waters of this I wanted,” he said.

These French Championships should serve as a springboard for French swimmers, in view of the European Championships from 13 to 17 December in Copenhagen.

Rankings of the day:


400 m freestyle

1. Jordan Pothain 3: 40.38

2. Roman Fuchs 3: 41.24

3. David Aubry 3: 42.63

200 m back

1. Maxence Orange 1: 53.15

2. Geoffroy Mathieu 1: 54.55

3. Simon Brefuel 1: 55.40

100 m butterfly gentlemen

1. Jeremy Stravius ​​50.17

2. Oussama Sahnoune (ALG) 51.26

3. Nans Roch 51.29

100m 4 strokes

1. Jeremy Stravius ​​52.46

2. Jérémy Desplanches (SUI) 52.83

3. Jean Dencausse 54.15


100 m freestyle

1. Charlotte Bonnet 52.04 (French record)

2. Mary Wattel 52.56

3. Lena Bousquin 54.18

1,500m freestyle (fast series)

1. Adeline Furst 16: 08.19

2. Lara Grangeon 16: 12.39

3. Julie Berthier 16: 13.52

50 m back

1. Mathilde Cini 26.85

2. Melanie Henique 26.92

3. Valeriya Egorova 27.42

50 m breaststroke

1. Charlotte Bonnet 30.34 (French record)

2. Fanny Desberghes 30.91

3. Justine Bruno 31.01

200m medley

1. Fantine Lesaffre 2: 09.25

2. Sharon van Rowendahl (NED) 2: 11.75

3. Camille Dauba 2: 11.94

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