The father of Estelle Mouzin, disputed for 15 years, without illusion but combative

Ⓒ POLICE/AFP – – | Montage of a photo of Estelle Mouzin (G), resulting from the search after his disappearance in 2003 and a photo distributed by the police to the press on January 19, 2010 the aged representative

No witness, no track and a file so heavy that it has become unusable: fifteen years after the disappearance of Estelle, 9 years, Eric Mouzin is no illusion. But he wants to change a “system” of investigation in his eyes inefficient.

No need to wait for him to pour out his pain. When asked if he is still hopeful, this expert in industrial risk puts forward statistics: “The only thing we can say is that children are usually murdered in the hours or days following their abduction. For the rest, we are in pure fantasy because we have no information, and that is unbearable “.

“There are exceptions, but they are absolutely not representative”.

Fifteen years ago, with rubber boots on his feet, he had tirelessly surveyed the surroundings of Guermantes, a village in Seine-et-Marne where the youngest of his three children disappeared, on January 9, 2003, around 6:15 pm was coming home from school on a freezing night.

It was then he who made the whole face of Estelle known to France, posters posted in public places, airports, post offices or corridors of the Paris metro.

A simultaneous search of the 400 homes Guermantes, a large anti-pedophilia net, exploring all the cavities of this corner of Ile-de-France rich in careers: at the time, the police had touted means “unpublished” and “colossal”.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – FRANCOIS GUILLOT – | Eric Mouzin (g), father of Estelle Mouzin, during a rally on January 11, 2014 in Guermantes (near Paris)

Eric Mouzin, he says to himself “sure and certain that everything was not done thoroughly in the first moments”. On the other hand, “there has been a lot of communication: how many times have we released a new element + a few days before January 9 or May 25, Missing Children’s Day?”

However, the police are, according to him, less to blame than “the system”, including the “lack of method and organization” start-up investigations, which makes the records unusable over time.

The police, through the Central Office for the Repression of Violence to Persons, is still working on about 15 unresolved disappearances.

– Seven investigating judges –

To facilitate the handling of Estelle’s case, his father and his lawyers have been demanding for years that the judicial police of Versailles, in charge of the investigation, hand over a “summary report of the last operations” to the examining magistrate. In vain.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – THOMAS SAMSON – | Eric Mouzin, father of Estelle holds a press conference on January 9, 2013 in Paris, about his missing daughter in 2003

Similarly, as was done in the case of Maddie, a small English girl missing in Portugal in 2007, they asked for a complete review of the case with a fresh eye. “Judge No. 5 – we’re in the seventh – told me it would take ten years, which means they’re not trying to solve the case anymore.

Far from devoting himself exclusively to the case of his daughter, Eric Mouzin got together, within the association “Estelle”, to do a work of “put in perspective”, by going abroad especially to see what who was doing it.

He who also gave a decisive impetus to the establishment in 2006 of the Alerte Abduction device has submitted in May to the Garde des Seals a series of proposals. Among them, the creation of a body of judges specialized in the disappearance of children, like the financial, anti-terrorism or health poles.

The document seems to have finished in a drawer. “I will start fanging out,” warns Eric Mouzin, who will hold a press conference on Tuesday, the anniversary of the disappearance.

In the meantime, he had to accept the news, learned by the press, that the track Nordahl Lelandais, named after the suspect in the case Maëlys, had given nothing.

The disappearance of this little girl, at the end of August in Isère, stirred him. “The parents, yes, they suffer, but the child who gets kidnapped …”

Maëlys is the same age as Estelle when she disappeared, 9 years old. In their misfortune, his parents still have “material elements” to advance the investigation, he says. “We do not have anything”

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