Feminists accuse the signatories of the tribune of the World of “despising” the victims

Ⓒ AFP – ALAIN JOCARD – | Caroline de Haas, November 24, 2017 in Paris

Feminist activists respond on Wednesday to the platform defending the “freedom” of men “to annoy”, signed by Catherine Deneuve and a hundred women, accusing them of wanting to “close the lead screed” raised by the scandal Weinstein and ” despise “victims of sexual violence.

“As soon as the equality advances, even half a millimeter, good souls immediately alert us to the fact that we risk falling into excess.Excess, we are right in the middle (…) In France, every day, hundreds of thousands of women are victims of harassment, tens of thousands of sexual assaults, and hundreds of rapes Every day “, write the signatories of a text published on the site francetvinfo in” response “to the platform published Tuesday in Le Monde by a group of women, worried about a return of” puritanism “after the Weinstein affair.

For these feminists, about thirty, including Caroline De Haas, the journalists Lauren Bastide and Giulia Fois, the president of the Chiennes de garde Marie-Noëlle Bas, the psychiatrist Muriel Salmona, or many activists associations, “the signatories mix deliberately a report of seduction, based on respect and pleasure, with violence “.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – VALERY HACHE – | Catherine Deneuve, December 9, 2017 in Monaco

“This platform is a little embarrassing colleague or tiring uncle who does not understand what is happening,” they continue.

Asserting that most of the personalities cited in the daily are “recidivists in the defense of pedophile or apology for rape”, they regret that they “use again their media visibility to trivialize sexual violence” and “despise of makes the millions of women who suffer or have suffered this violence.

“With this text, they are trying to close the lead screed that we started to lift, they will not succeed,” the signatories continue, concluding that “the pigs and their allies are right to worry. old world is disappearing


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