Lactalis will take back all the infant milks produced in Craon, according to the Mayor

Ⓒ AFP – Patrick KOVARIK – | The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire in Paris,
January 12, 2018

Lactalis will take back all the infantile milk products
manufactured on its site of Craon (Mayenne), “whatever their
date of manufacture”, announced Friday the Minister of the
Economy Bruno the Mayor after having spoken with the president
of the ‘business.

“Lactalis will take back all the products of infant milks
manufactured on the site of Craon, whatever their date of
manufacture, in all the places of marketing, in particular the
supermarkets and the pharmacies”, indicated the minister during
a point press, extending the previous reminder from February

Bruno Le Maire wants to “avoid delays, difficulties in
sorting lots and the risk of human error”.

Ⓒ AFP – Alain BOMMENEL, Laurence SAUBADU – | Lactalis, global giant

“I first asked Mr. (Emmanuel) Besnier, president of
Lactalis, to be more transparent, because I think transparency
is a pledge of confidence for consumers and all French” said
the minister who finally appeared alone in front of the

Despite the call made by the Minister of Agriculture
Stéphane Travert, Friday morning on RTL, to come to speak
publicly, the boss of the world milk leader arrived at Bercy by
a stealth entrance, carefully avoiding the cameras.

“The president of Lactalis will publicly communicate on the
causes of the contamination as soon as they are established,”
said Le Mayor.

“Lactalis will then make all the necessary investments on
the site of Craon to guarantee the safety of the site and avoid
that recurrence of such contaminations,” he added, thereby
implicitly removing the specter of a closure of the site
currently at the standstill and 250 of the 327 employees are

After the “first stake” of consumer safety, Mr. Mayor
expressed his concern for employment on the Craon site, in
Mayenne, and beyond, farmers in the region, before evoke his
wish to safeguard the “reputation” of the dairy sector as a
whole, “a channel of excellence that must remain so”.

With regard to the sanctions that Lactalis is facing in this
case, the minister logically recalled that a judicial inquiry
was underway.

Lastly, he said he had exchanged with
consumer associations, which provided him with “ideas that are
very relevant to improving withdrawal procedures”.

“All this has a cost but the safety of the French, it has no
price”, concluded Bruno Le Maire.

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