Alexis Sánchez accepts 16 months in prison for tax fraud in Spain

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Paul Ellis – | Alexis Sánchez celebrates a goal during the league match between Manchester United and Huddersfield Town on 3 February at the Old Trafford stadium in the English city of Manchester

The Chilean international Alexis Sanchez has reached an agreement with the prosecution for which he accepts 16 months in jail, although he will not have to enter prison, for defrauding one million euros to the Spanish treasury, derived from his image rights.

The player of Manchester United accepted the penalty for two crimes against the Public Treasury committed in 2012 and 2013 when he played at FC Barcelona, ​​using a screen companies to hide their benefits for image rights, according to the agreement in accordance with the public prosecutor’s office. that the AFP has obtained a copy.

The footballer already had, in January of 2017, “recognized a wrong taxation that he has already solved with the Public Treasury” during a statement before the judge by videoconference from London.

The agreement reached by the defense of the football player, the prosecutor and the State’s attorney, representing the Treasury, is part of the complaint made by the public prosecutor in October 2016 accusing the player of defrauding 983,000 euros of benefit of their rights of image.

In the letter, the prosecutor recalled that Sanchez, who played in Barcelona between 2011 and 2014, presented in 2012 and 2013 his tax returns, but without “any income derived from the exploitation of image rights”, nor stated that he was the owner of a Maltese company, to which he had assigned those rights.

According to the prosecution, Alexis ceded his image rights to his Chilean company Inversiones Alsan, which he then transferred to the Maltese company Numidia Trading Limited, of which the player had 99.9% of the shares.

After admitting his action last January, Alexis now accepts sentences of eight months in prison for two crimes against the public treasury, but both the prosecutor’s office and the State’s attorney call for “the suspension of the execution of each prison sentence” on condition that he will not commit a crime again in two years.

The case of Alexis joins that of other players such as Real Madrid’s Brazilian side Marcelo, who also acknowledged a tax offense for defrauding close to half a million euros, or Argentine Javier Mascherano, who accepted a year in prison for tax fraud of 1.5 million euros linked to their image rights to avoid legal proceedings.

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