Congress of the PS: what do the four candidates propose?

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – – – | A combo of photos of the four candidates at the head of the PS: Olivier Faure, Emmanuel Maurel, Stéphane Le Foll and Luc Carvounas

The four candidates to head the PS debate Wednesday night on LCI and RTL. On the eve of this confrontation, glimpses of the most salient proposals of Stéphane Le Foll, Olivier Faure, Luc Carvounas and Emmanuel Maurel – who are all in “opposition” to Emmanuel Macron.


The former spokesman for the government, the first signatory of an orientation text entitled “Dear comrades,” is the one who assumes the most frankly the balance sheet of François Hollande – even if he concedes that “communication on the action of the government was not the right one “, and that there was” a mistake of timing and method “on the labor law.

Making the environment and the fight against global warming “the first major challenge”, he proposes that a “large forum” be organized “during the next two years to build the foundations of a development model sustainable development and energy efficiency “.

To fight against inequalities, he wants to give every young person a starting capital “by devoting 1% of (the) (national) wealth to this objective”.

Regarding the organization of the party, Mr. Le Foll proposes the generalization of electronic voting and a reform of the primary system: only voters can vote before enrolled.


The president of the New Left group in the Assembly is first of all the man of a method. “This congress is not yet the project, no one would believe that we will refound our doctrine in a few months and that a motion would be enough,” he wrote in the introduction to his text (“Socialists, the path of rebirth “).

The MP for Seine-et-Marne proposes the establishment of a “platform party” open to all and the launch to build the PS project of major thematic projects on which activists and supporters will decide.

Called “eurosocialist”, a member of a “political family that hopes for a progressive alternative to liberal Europe dominated by the right”, Mr. Faure hopes that the European elections of 2019 will “build a victory European leftists around a progressive coalition “.

For the favorite of the vote, Europe must “protect itself in globalization by reviewing its competition and international trade policy”, and “lead a ruthless fight against tax havens”.


The former lieutenant of Manuel Valls has long been the chanter of a left “rainbow” version new look of the plural left. The latter “will have to adopt a founding pact for the next European and municipal elections”, he explains in his text (“A shared progress to win the left”).

In the economic and social field, Mr Carvounas proposes “to exempt from VAT the basic necessities (water, gas, electricity and certain food products)” and to “remove all tax loopholes that do not create enough jobs. ”

Carvounas, who has approached Benoît Hamon during the presidential election, does not resume his proposal for universal income.

He wants to “ban endocrine disruptors”.

He also defends “the election by direct universal suffrage of the President of the EU”, the lowering of the right to vote at 16, the granting of the right to vote in local elections to foreigners outside the EU.


The MEP, the only representative of the left wing of the PS, proposes a “socialism uninhibited”. To “rebuild the socialism of the 21st century”, he urged his comrades to become “fully ecosocialist”.

“Let’s get the most out of the profit sphere, let’s encourage other models of spending and consumption, let’s find the meaning of the long time”, he urges, for example by imagining a “tax per kilometer added”.

Defender of the “value of work”, Mr. Maurel militates for an “increase in wages and SMIC”, the restoration of the hierarchy of standards, the prohibition of redundancies.

It wants to “make detached work an exception by limiting it to 4-day missions”, a strong state that drives the ecological and social conversion of the economy “including by using nationalization”, and advocates the creation of a “youth minimum”.

At European level, Mr Maurel pleads for the establishment of a “Community preference system”, a “carbon tax at its borders” and wants “to rediscuss a good part of the treaties”.

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