The British army joins the investigation of the attack against the former Russian spy

Ⓒ AFP – Adrian Dennis – | British police establish a security cordon on March 9, 2018 at The Maltings Mall in Salibury, southern England, where the former Russian spy and his daughter were attacked

The British army joined Friday to investigate the attack on the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, whose focus seemed to move to the victim’s home.

The counterterrorist police “has requested the assistance of the military to remove a series of vehicles” from the center of the English city of Salisbury, in the southwest, in which the victims appeared unconscious, authorities said in a statement.

The reason is that the military “have the capacity and experience to respond” to a similar situation, the text added.

Police on Thursday examined the house of the former Russian colonel and cordoned off the graves of his wife and son.

In the attack was also wounded a British police, and had to serve 21 people, intensifying calls for London to respond forcefully to Russia, if confirmed responsibility.

The examination of Salisbury’s house suggests the possibility that Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, received the dose of nerve gas that seriously injured them, and not at the restaurant or pub they visited. before being found unconscious.

The Times newspaper said on Wednesday, citing unidentified sources, that nerve gas could reach the former GRU colonel – the Russian military intelligence services – in a package delivered to his daughter in Russia by “some friends.”

Ⓒ AFP – John SAEKI – | Biography of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal

Yulia is still living in Russia and is the only family member that remains for Skripal, because her wife and son died prematurely at 59 and 44 years old, respectively, in 2012 and 2017.

Skripal’s neighbors – convicted in Russia of high treason for selling secrets to London – believed that they both died in traffic accidents, they explained to the British press, but their death certificates speak of cancer, in the case of women, and liver failure in the son.

Both are buried side by side in a Salisbury cemetery, and the police cordoned off their graves without explaining the reasons.

– Russia: they always accuse us of everything bad –

In addition to Skripal and his daughter, the first British policeman to attend to them when they lay unconscious on a bench in the street, Sergeant Nick Bailey, was wounded by nerve gas.

All eyes are on Russia after the precedent of Alexander Litvinenko – a former Russian agent killed in London in 2006 with a radioactive substance – but Moscow denied being behind the attack and claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign.

London “has a certain number of diplomatic weapons to punish Russia, we could expect it to complicate obtaining a visa for Russian citizens coming to power, or to evacuate a certain number of its staff from the embassy in Russia,” he explained. AFP Mathieu Boulegue, specialist in Russia at the Chatham House Institute in London.

“But the bilateral relations are already so bad that it would be a drop of water in an extremely full glass,” Boulegue added.

The government of Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any involvement in the attack and returned to do so on Friday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov.

“They accuse us of everything that … goes wrong in the world,” Lavrov said in Ethiopia. “It’s pure propaganda,” he added.

– The profession of “traitor” is very dangerous –

However, commenting on the case, Russian state television launched a notice to sailors.

“The traitor race is one of the most dangerous in the world, and statistics show that it is much more dangerous than drug mule,” said Kirill Kleimyonov, host of a well-known news program on Russian Channel One.

“Alcoholism, drug addiction, stress, nervous disorders and depressions are the traitor’s inevitable professional illnesses, and as a consequence of them, heart attacks, strokes, auto accidents and finally suicides.”

Ⓒ AFP – John SAEKI – | Sarin and VX gas card, powerful nerve agents

The presenter warned “the traitors” not to choose the United Kingdom as a refuge, because “something does not work there, maybe it’s the weather, because in recent years there have been very rare incidents with a serious outcome: people appear to be hanged, poisoned , they die in helicopter accidents or fall out of the windows in industrial quantities “.

Skripal was part of a spy exchange in Vienna in 2010 in which Moscow handed over four Russian double agents and received 10 of his agents working in the United States.

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