After his hectic night, Jean-Vincent Placé presented to the prosecutor’s office

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – MIGUEL MEDINA – | Former Secretary of State for State Reform, March 2016

The former Secretary of State Jean-Vincent Placé, arrested Wednesday intoxicated at the exit of a bar in Paris and suspected of uttering racist slurs, must be presented to a magistrate of the Paris prosecutor in the day, was learned Friday from judicial source.

He must be notified of any judicial action concerning him.

The former ecologist senator, who spent two nights in police custody, was charged with “contempt of a person in charge of public authority, racial insult and violence without incapacity committed under the drunkenness. ”

Jean-Vincent Placé, who had a blood alcohol level of 1.16 g per liter of blood, insulted the client of a bar on rue Princesse, known for her busy nights, in the capital’s sixth arrondissement. He was there with a centrist senator friend who was not questioned.

The former secretary of state, currently regional councilor of Ile-de-France, would have offered the young woman money to dance with this friend, which she would have refused, pushing him at his insistence, d after a source close to the survey.

The bouncer at the bar then threw out the former senator who, posing as a minister, threatened to “send him home” in reference to the foreign origins of this employee, told a police source.

“He said + we are not in the Maghreb here, I am going to send you to Ouagadougou from the first flight + (…) This is ignoble,” reported this bouncer, Vladimir, at the microphone RTL radio .

Alerted, the police were verbally caught on their arrival by Jean-Vincent Placé, who again put forward his former ministerial duties before being arrested.

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