Love in the shadow of AIDS: Honored as a “sentimental filmmaker” in Cannes

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Jeff PACHOUD – | French director Christophe Honoré poses at the Opéra de
Lyon on September 18, 201

He defines himself as a “sentimental filmmaker”. With
“Pleasure, love and run fast”, in competition Thursday in
Cannes, Christophe Honoré signs a love story between two men in
the 90s against the backdrop of AIDS epidemic, a way to “revive
his youth”.

“I wanted to tell a love story that has a double effect:
that accelerates the beginnings in the life of a young man, and
which, in a much more cruel way on the contrary, accelerates
the end of a man who is not so old, “told AFP the 48-year-old
French director, who had not come to the Cannes Film Festival
competition since” Les Chansons d’amour “in 2007.

“There was a little idea, in the same day, of dawn and
twilight, that the same story is experienced in a completely
different way by two heroes,” he adds.

“Pleasure, love and run fast” is one of two films in the
running for the Palme d’Or at Cannes screened this Thursday,
with “Cold War” by Pawel Pawlikowski.

Pierre Deladonchamps (“The Unknown Lake”) plays Jacques, a
Parisian writer, homosexual and father of a young boy. One day,
in Rennes, he meets Arthur (Vincent Lacoste), a student with
whom he starts an affair. They will love each other for a
summer while Jacques, who is sick with AIDS, knows he does not
have much time left.

– “More personal” –

With this film, his eleventh feature film, Christophe Honoré
returns – after “Les Malheurs de Sophie”, a free adaptation of
the Comtesse de Ségur – to a more intimate vein, that of “Dans
Paris” or “Chansons d’amour”.

“Often, movies are built in opposition to the previous one,
I did two movies about fables, + Sophie + and + Metamorphoses
+, and I wanted to go back to a more personal story. that I
revolved around (…) the idea of ​​filming my youth, in any
case to relive, thanks to cinema, my youth, “says the

With a soundtrack from the late ’80s and’ 90s, from Massive
Attack to Cocteau Twins, the film, whose autobiographical part
was “very big at the time of the script”, was inspired by the
life of the director, himself a student in Rennes in those
years, to get away from it.

Ⓒ AFP – LOIC VENANCE – | French actor Pierre Deladonchamps in Cannes, May 22,

It is carried particularly by the performances of its
actors, Pierre Deladonchamps – who “guided the character and
the film”, according to the filmmaker – Vincent Lacoste – “the
most exciting actor of his generation” – and Denis Podalydès,
in the role of the best friend, neighbor and former lover of

“This film is more obviously personal and autobiographical,
but from the moment you go through the actors’ body, where you
are very incarnate, the romanticism quickly infiltrates into a
film,” said Christophe Honoré.

– After Campillo –

If “Pleasure, love, and run fast” again tackles the AIDS
years, already in the heart of “120 beats per minute” by Robin
Campillo – vast fresco on the fight of the association Act Up
which caused a sensation last year in Cannes, where she was
awarded the Grand Prix – Christophe Honoré emphasizes “not
having the same project, cinema or history” as Robin

“We are even filmmakers who are quite apart from each
other,” he adds.

But “I’m not so surprised that there are several films that
re-attack the 90s,” he says, pointing out that “AIDS, this
disease, has been a trauma for a generation.”

“I think the stories of the sick and
the people who have been aided by AIDS have been a priority for
us at some point to hear them.” There was a kind of delay
before speaking as a witness and not as a victim. “

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